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Kicks Tops & Bottoms Coll.

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5376 Total Combinations
96 Tuned unique Kick Bottoms
24 Diverse Tops
24-bit + 44.1k files
All sounds peak at -6db versions
8 unique Kick Bottoms per note



KICKS Tops and Bottoms Collection is a stellar release to help solve an often frustrating problem for producers. This collection is an affordable and quick solution to construct kicks that are in tune with the rest of your song. Furthermore, with Kicks Tops and Bottoms Collection you get 96 perfectly tuned bottoms. You will always be in key! Furthermore, most sample libraries give you plenty of kicks, but not note information. These carefully crafted Kick bottoms come in a variety of styles that fit any modern genre. This collection also includes 56 tops to add that essential click or pop to any track. In addition, these sounds are perfect to help shape the transients of your kicks and other percussion. Furthermore, they are also perfect to use as side-chain sources. Combine these tops and bottoms to create 5376 unique variations!

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