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KICKS Tops & Bottoms V1

  • 1152 Total Combinations
  • 48 Tuned Kick Bottoms
  • 24 Diverse Kick Tops
  • 24-bit + 44.1k files
  • All sounds come in 0db and -6db versions
  • 4 Kick Bottoms for every note
  • Bundle and Save 20%


KICKS Tops and Bottoms Volume 1 is an essential sample library for any producer. We seek to provide with an affordable quick solution to construct kicks that are in tune with the rest of your song. Most sample libraries give you plenty of kicks, but you have no idea what key they are in. With Kicks Tops and Bottoms you get 48 tuned kick bottoms. These come in a variety of styles that fit any modern genre. You need the kick to sizzle in the high-end or maybe some punchy short percussion? We have 24 toppers for you. That is 1152 possible combinations! The possibilities are endless once you layer your own hat and percussion samples with the 48 specifically tuned bottoms.

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